Quality Management Systems: 5 Ways to Drive Customers to Your Business

Running a business is stressful – even if you take away the running costs, the staff and the premises itself, actually driving customers to your company is the biggest challenge.

People often view management system standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as an annoyance only needed for dealing with certain businesses or as a method of evaluation. However, accreditation standards are great for engaging partners, clients and customers, and can be

If you’re looking to grow your business, follow our 5 easy ways Quality Management Systems can help you to thrive.


It goes without saying that the most obvious benefit is improved quality in all aspects of your business – from services to products and beyond. The aim of management systems, such as ISO 9001, is to improve consistency across your business which, in turn, will improve customer satisfaction and, ultimately, retention. If customers see a growing improvement in your company or it’s services, they’ll be more likely to become a repeat customer as it shows that you are committed to continual improvement.


While ideally, companies would run perfectly smoothly at all times, unfortunately in business, this is not the case. You can use your problems to your advantage, however, and an ISO accreditation is the perfect way to do this. ISO accreditation allows for standardised ways of dealing with issues, by providing a proper plan, or framework, that all your employees can refer to. Cohesion is so important in business and, by having a system in place should there be any issues, it allows for easy, and proper, reporting which helps to prevent the problem from recurring. While every company is looking for a great reputation, the ability to successfully recognise and deal with problems is a skill that only great businesses have.


A growing number of industries, along with individual business won’t even consider working with companies if they don’t have certain ISO accreditations. By gaining, for example, your ISO 9001 certificate, your business will be open to a huge number of new opportunities that were previously unavailable. Moreover, Quality Management Systems allow businesses the ability to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and deal and adapt accordingly, meaning they can continually improve.


ISO accreditation is often a benchmark that businesses can use to compare themselves to their competitions. As previously mentioned, certain business and industries require, often legally, companies to have this accreditation before working with them. By obtaining an ISO certification, it helps you to stand out from your competitors, and instils in your company a level of trust and respect – allowing you a competitive edge over other similar businesses. Furthermore, companies looking to work with those with accreditations will see it as a sign of trust and proof that you’re operating with industry-standard best practices.


The whole point of ISO accreditation is to streamline your business – it’s processes, products, and employees. In doing so, accreditation will help to minimise waste and reduce daily operation costs, in turn increasing efficiency – what more do you need!

With more than 1 million organizations in over 170 countries now ISO 9001 registered, the time to act is now. To learn more about the certification processes, or how accreditation can benefit your business, contact Clear Quality today – Yorkshire’s professional ISO consultants providing support and advice with the implementation of quality management systems.